Our Solutions

We incorporate the most powerful academic investing principles together into a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation and long-term wealth creation, by integrating the Modern Portfolio Theory, Three Factor Model, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis into portfolios designed and engineered to capture market returns.


Retirement Planning

Fixed Annuity, Indexed Annuity, IRA, Medically Underwritten Immediate Annuity, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA, Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Investment Strategies

Arbitrage Cases, Maximum Funding Tax-Free Retirement, Medically Underwritten Immediate Annuity, Split Annuities, Managed Accounts

Insurance Protection

Term Life, Indexed Universal Life, Single Premium Whole Life, Universal Life, Burial, Final Expense, Critical Illness, Group Health, Disability, Individual Health, Long-Term Care, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, Home, Auto, Property

Social Security Maximization

Social Security Analyzer

Estate Planning

Wills, Living Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Dynasty Trust, QTIP, Family Trust, CRT

Asset Protection

Creditors, Divorce, Lawsuits

Life Settlements

Senior Life Settlements, Life Settlement Investments

Education Planning

College Planning of America Program, Coverdell Education Savings Account, HOPE Scholarship, Tax Credit, Section 529-Plans